Hi! I'm Licia

Digital Project Manager
Product Manager 

I help companies improve their online presence in a recognizable, inclusive and accessible way.

I develop and manage Web, Mobile, eCommerce projects with a focus on Design andUser Experience.

My goal is to create digital solutions that capture people's interest, providing them with an engaging and rewarding experience.


my SOFT skills

  • curiosity
  • courage
  • insight
  • reliability
  • knowing how to seize opportunities
  • risk management
  • strategic perspective
  • problem solving
Creative, designer,

Curious by nature and hungry for knowledge.

I have a design background that has defined my working method, a creative, practical and pragmatic approach.
I have been trained in two ways, by studying and gaining practical experience.

I learned about digital design when I was 16, during an experimental extracurricular course, and it has been a path of growth ever since.

I have combined my passion for design with a fascination for the world of digital and its opportunities.
A tool that allows you to improve or optimize processes, give voice and visibility to those who have a project to get the word out or a product to launch, reach a wider audience, and increase your results in a measured way.

I like to spread knowledge, what I have learned along the way and over many years of mistakes I call them experience.


Do you have a business idea or project or want to launch a new product?


I help you put the idea or need into focus, identify strengths, features, map objectives , and identify the tools needed to achieve the desired results.

Tools are only a means; digitizing means:

  • Simplify and save money by using technology with different solutions according to one's needs
  • Automate and measure to reach a wider audience

what do I do?

I manage clients, projects and teams.

In the executive I manage as Web Project Manager, projects and teams, thanks to more than 25 years of experience in the digital world.

I plan and oversee all Web, Mobile, eCommerce development activities with a focus on Design and User Experience.

I am responsible for analyzing the project, checking its feasibility, interpreting the client's requirements, identifying the processes, gathering the necessary materials, and coordinating the development team ensuring time, cost, execution, and outcome.

Strategy, design, and content.

I have a pragmatic flair for lining up all the steps needed to develop an online project, starting with the basic pillars of communicating to one's niche market:

  • analysis and strategy definition
  • Brand image and UX curation
  • content curation


When I grew up I wanted to be an architect.
And today as an architect I design spaces digitally.
how I do it.
digital design
how I do it.

I'm online all day, figuring out how to get other people online all day.


I'm constantly studying and experimenting because it's impossible to have understood everything about an ever-changing world.
And that's what I'm passionate about in my work, I never get bored because I never stop learning.

the route.

I have been an employee, freelancer, managing director and legal representative of a communications and video production company.

Today I am a consultant and independent digitalentrepreneur serving those who have an idea and want to launch an online project, and agencies that need a reliable and responsible partner to whom they can delegate an important part of the project process management to achieve an effective result

The Web is above all communication. 

You can have the best product or service that exists on the market, but if you do not communicate it as effectively as possible to your potential customers, all your investments will be in vain. 

What can I help you with?

I can point you in the right direction.
Side by side to guide you in making the right choices.
to launch, position and grow your online business.

Starting from the study of Digital Strategy with the 3MRK Method, a balanced work on 3 precise areas of Marketing:



I turn your ideas into Web Projects that are able to attract people's interest in your products/services and convert your users into customers: 


  • I study and create the visual identity of your Brand
  • I build eCommerce, websites and landing pages, my team optimizes and indexes them
  • Design graphic layouts and interfaces with emphasis on usability
  • I plan content for social networks: editorial plans, events, communities
  • study and design platforms to manage your work, optimize processes, reduce time and waste, and affect relationships inside and outside your company.


I curate strategy, design and content, for:

  • help you improve your online presence
  • Increase the trust of your customers, in your services and products
  • Turn your users into customers. 


Consulting and Training

Before defining any strategy, we need to get to know each other. Understand who you are, what you are about, and what goals you want to achieve. I will come alongside you to help you tell the story of your online business.

Graphics and visual communication

There is never a second chance to make a good first impression. Content is the heart of your projects. The image with which you enhance them are the dress in which you present yourself at an important event or business appointment.

Web and social

If "The content is the King" the king needs his queen: distribution. I will help you plan and disseminate content that can tell the story of how you can be useful to your customers, in the right communication channels, and foster the growth of your business.


Analysis, strategy, and consulting are the foundation of any design of rewarding and successful products, services, and digital experiences.


I believe in an agile, creative and liquid organizational model. I follow you all the way through the creation or redesign of your image or website, integrating skills attained through years of experience.

I believe in the evolution ofprocesses, just as the market and society are constantly evolving. I accompany you step by step in your innovation process in an increasingly complex market.

Every strategy and project is defined and curated by me together with a team of colleagues who are experts in the fields of communication, social web, and ADV. We research, imagine, and design solutions that create value in an increasingly connected world that demands more and more skills and knowledge.

I don't propose what I can do, but after careful analysis I identify what you need to grow online and the right resources to accomplish it.

Get to know each other.

Do you have an idea or project you would like to launch online?
Do you need guidance to walk you through the right choices?

Contact me and let's get to know each other, and we'll talk about your business and new projects we can develop together.

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